Frederic Erk. Technical translator.

frederic_erkI am a technical writer and translator specializing in Engineering and military technologies since 1998. I provide technical services and consultancy for projects requiring a high level of expertise combined with an entrepreneurial approach based on reliability and consistency.

As the provider of a technical product, my services include a Quality Management System to achieve consistent and reliable results, a Package of services to back-up your business throughout the life of my products (Aftersale services, Problem resolution, Client management), and a partnership solution offering technical consultancy, efficient products with added value, long-term support and dedicated value-added services like management of clients’ terminology.


I have a working experience in the fields of automotive, mechanical/electrical/hydraulic armasuisseRheinmetall_logo_2016.svgengineering, welding/metallurgy, server RUAG

Buhler_RGB_100architecture/SAP/Oracle, weaponry ballistics/perforation of armour plate/ fire control systems. I have translated numerous manuals for Army clients. My competence includes the development of terminology databases requiring research in technical and historical archives, for example studies of metallurgical properties and welding techniques for armour plate since 1940 within the context of a study conducted by Rheinmetall and Panhard.

In-house Military translator’s experience comprises working for the Intelligence Service of the French military forces in Berlin, Germany and being detached to German Bundeswehr as a translator for German Ordnance Officers and as Senior technical translator for CDEB/EAABC Armor School based in Saumur, France (Tank technology/Weaponry) between 1999 and 2002.

Significant professional milestones include the development of a military tank combat simulator with more than 13 years of combined research work spent on engineering and military technologies; 3 years as the manager of online content and intranet for a French military research institution specializing in battle tank technology and armored warfare; 10 years of working experience as a technician with computer-based information technologies, server administration and networks; over 20 years of combined experience in forestry management and logging business.

Corporate portfolio includes Rheinmetall AG, Panhard, Thalès Deutschland, BAE Systems, IVECO, Renault Véhicules Industriels, Nissan, BMW, WABCO, Strategic Simulations Inc., Ultimation Inc., Ravensburger AG and Microsoft Game Studios.

Professional memberships comprise IHSD Professional Network (Tank Technology), the Royal Geographical Society, the Institute for Historical Scenario Design (Military Simulation) and CDEB French Armour Documentation Centre (Engineering/Military).

I am using SDL Trados 2019, memoQ, Alchemy Catalyst, XTM, Text United App, Wordfast.


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