My experience working in the Cloud

As more and more business turn to the Cloud for data security, backup and translation projects, I have considered this option too, and finally decided to use iCloud after trying Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Honestly the integration of iCloud is excellent when you have an iPhone and iPad, and as I am using both for work and family, it just works better than any other Microsoft or Google platform. Even without a Mac, you can use iCloud in Windows with a compatible browser like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. iCloud provides an integrated package of services with data synchronisation and email, a calendar, notes and tasks (Reminders). I have often to send large files (over 50 Mb), and iCloud gives me the possibility to email them as attachments, instead of relying on a service like WeTransfer. As a plus, all files are stored on iCloud in case you want to send them again. Synchronisation of data is a real plus, I can follow up on iPad, and see all project files automatically synchronised on my notebook and workstation. If I have to work away from my office, all files are there. It is worth noting that iCloud can be used as a backup, but I prefer using external hard drives to track files over time. Because of the synchronisation, if you modify a file by mistake, or delete it, iCloud will keep only the latest version. It is thus necessary to use a local backup solution (I am using Microsoft Windows backup). iCloud email is quite good and reliable. Sometimes it is a bit slow, but I believe it is a problem I have with Kaspersky Security and Chrome. The Search function is not as powerful as in Gmail as you have to select the folder to make a search, but it works quite well. I could not use the Gmail interface. I am old school in terms of email, and prefer folders instead of tags. The synchronisation of email is excellent across all iCloud platforms. I really like to be able to send very large files. The calender is quite good, and works best in combination with iPhone and iPad. It is not as customisable as in Google Apps, but just perfect for my needs as an effective project management tool. As with most Apple software, you have to explore some functions, and play with them a bit to get the result you want. Finally a little note regarding Numbers and Pages, Apple online software respectively handling Excel and MS Word files. Numbers has been updated and now I can use filters, an essential feature for tracking projects, invoicing, etc. Both software can be used in collaborative mode, which is quite cool on the paper, for instance as a revision tool for a translation. Unfortunately, Pages does not keep the MS Word formatting, a real deal breaker in my business. All in all, this transition to iCloud, and generally speaking the Cloud, has been working good so far for me and can be recommended. The price tag for hosting 200 GB of online data is quite reasonable too.

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