The beauty and simplicity of terminology

Terminology is all around us. In this world of globalization, there is no room anymore for approximation. Terminology reduces the risk of mistakes. It enables the tracking and resolution of issues, saves time and even lives. Terminology is truly beautiful, and it is where technical translators live.

A translation is never innocent and cannot be. Someone will read it, use it (hopefully) and enjoy it (let’s dream!). Having recently mounted a pool for my kids, I have discovered that companies prefer to use drawings instead of text. As a result we have a ladder we never managed to mount properly to climb into the pool.

Simplicity does not mean simplification. We need straightforward and clear text, which can be easily understood, with logic sentences. Terminology must not only be accurate, it must be the same (this is what we mean as translators to be consistent) throughout the text.

The business of translation is exploding with the globalization of business, the Internet. As systems grow more complex, documentation and tutorials have to grow in consequence. Terminology is there to bring beauty and simplicity to this world of data.

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