Rosenbauer_logo.572389d41d744Rosenbauer is a world-leading company in the field of fire-fighting solutions. Since 2010 I have translated their technical documentation, in particular about the Panther.



The Panther is a truly outstanding vehicle designed for fire and rescue missions in airports, capable of cross-terrain with a top speed of 70 miles per hour, integral transmission, and 4×2 wheels. It has an operational weight of almost 40 tons. It is now in use in Aéroports de Paris within the SSLIA team.

timthumbBertsch is a leading company in the field of energy production systems. I have worked with the Austrian branch on the Mimizan factory project for Gascogne Papier. Gascogne Papier is the world’s leading producer of natural machine-glazed kraft paper, a major European producer of Natural Sack kraft paper, and a new player in the specialty coated papers market.


presentation_usinesI have translated all technical documentation, contracts and engineering software.

Rheinmetall_logo_2016.svgThe Rheinmetall LEGATUS® system offers all the components to allow highly realistic training in any terrain (open and/or urban) to be carried out while keeping the benefits of a proven technology. simtrain_military_army-livetraining-5I have translated the documentation and brochures for French speaking audience.

Buhler_RGB_100Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication. I have worked as proofreader for extrusion and dough preparation machines.

RUAG & ArmaSuisse develop vehicles and weapon systems for international clients. I have translated the technical documentation of the Panzer 87 Leopard WE leowefor the Swiss French speaking military, more specifically the operating instructions for the turret observation/targeting/gunnery systems as well as all crew intercommunication, firefighting equipments and distribution of tasks between the TC (tank commander), the gunner and the loader.RUAG